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Just wanted to say hi to the community.
I have been flying a little bit about 15 years ago but it was too expensive. Then I ran into Flite Test and now I am enjoying the hobby more than ever.
I am currently practicing with a 4ch Simple Cub and am going to build something a little faster next, maybe a Mig3 or a Racer.
I live in Oklahoma where it is almost always windy which makes for intense flying lessons. Anyone else from around here?

PS: I have converted a co-worker to the hobby as well, he had his very first flight (also Simple Cub, 3ch) today and he loved it. We'll be flying together a lot more soon.



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You have a lot of wind out there, but you also have an endless supply of open sky's. So much flat land out there. Here in Louisville KY it's nothing but trees and hills. Fun to look at but not so much for flying. Good luck with the hobby. Welcome to the addiction! Lol
And since your interested in the racer, have you check out the thresher? Very high on my build list.
It's a pretty awesome looking 'shark' version of the racer.
Welcome to the addiction. Don't have much experience with the Racer (it's on my build list too), but it would be a good candidate for speed. I think David Windestal used 4S power on his in the introductory Racer video. Some other good possibilities would be the Bloody Baron and/or Super Bee (if you want a twin with or without differential thrust).
Hello Fellow Okie! What side of the pan do you live on? I'm up in the more NE corner you can get, 20 min from KS, 10 min from Missouri. Welcome to the family!