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High altitude stabilized Bixler 1.1 camera rig


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As a follow on from my other thread, about gimbals and so forth here are some more questions about FPV and cameras!

A bit of background:

I live on a 600 acre farm in South Australia, right next to 100'000 acres of national park full of mallee scrub and sand.
We are organic, so don't spray.
We do a 3 year rotation, so 1/3 of the farm in in crop each year.
Since I started flying 3 years ago, Dad has been keen on me getting photos and videos of the paddocks mainly so we can see if various trials and so on are working.

I first used a iPod in a Bixler, and got okay results. Then I bought a Hawkeye Firefly Q6 and a FPV set and flew that for a while till I smashed my wing into the seeder that I was meant to be videoing (don't ask how...)

Now I bought another Q6, and I have a $250 budget to start over using better gear.

What I have:

  • Q6 (like a mobuis)
  • 600mW Vtx and Goggles
  • Batteries, motors, servos etc.
  • HKpilot micro APM 2.7.2 with GPS module

What I am hoping to achieve is

high altitude gimbal stabilized video at a 45o angle along the length of the paddock (1 mile average) every month at the same altitude, and compare each month at the end of the year.

To do this, my plan is to mount a gimbal on the nose with my primary flight camera on a pan servo on the fuse around the LE and be able to switch between the two to make sure the Q6 is viewing what I want it to.

So this is my shopping list:

  • Bixler 1.1
  • Directinal antenna
  • 3ch video switcher

What I need help with is finding a OSD with altitude, false horizon (don't know what to call this?) and amps burnt.
Anything else is a bonus but I don't want to clutter my screen!
Will this work for that?


Also a 2 axis gimbal controller, I have a 8 bit alexmos clone that seems to be dead.
Any other candidates for under $40?


My post is a bit muddled, I am confusing myself here so any questions or answers please post!

Thanks heaps, Abe