Help! High rssi on QX7 low on OSD

Mr Puddle

New member
I recently got a PNP gep elegant and placed a R-XSR receiver in it. I have set up telemetry with no issues and everything runs fine. I set up the RSSI using Joshua Bardwell method and seems to work good. The only issue is my on screen OSD says 16-17 with very little movement when moving away from it. The trananis on the other hand moves frequently and normally around 101-98 when moving away. I realize 101 is above the usual range but one thing at a time. I have set rssi_invert = ON but that doesn't seem right. while the number is up to 80's and I know I can offset it, and get it to 99 it still doesn't move correctly or at all. Something's not right and I have searched all over for a fix. I am hoping it's something simple i'm not doing right or missed on setup. Thanks.