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high voltage brushless motors

I was wondering what it takes to change the voltage from a normal 6s capable motor to a higher voltage one, something like 10s. This is for a mini quad (250) experiment. I don’t think that it’s the size of the wire, because that is regulated by current. But, I may be wrong. Any ideas?
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First you have to find ESC's that can handle that voltage. 3 things come into play on the motor side. First is the insulation of the windings. Given a high enough voltage, anything will conduct. Second is the increased RPM's the physical construction and bearings have to be able to stand up to. Many ESC's are also limited by RPM. Last is the increased current from the increased power you're using.

Generally higher voltage motors are larger and lower Kv for these reasons.
Thanks. I’ve found some ESCs that would be suitable, but pretty hefty. But, then again, they’re for monster motors. I have a 6s 1m racer (kinda like the BFD), and it uses 50xx motors. I think I can use ceramic besrings, but may have to wind my own motors and mill a motor base/bell... time for some CAD!