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Higher KV

Hi, i was thinking about improoving the performance of a design by using a high KV motor because these are cheaper and can stand more current at the same size. Also i would like to keep using big propelers.
Could i use the motors at their maxium current by limiting the throthle so i could use them as lower KV motors?
It can be a stupd think but why shouldn't it work?

Pd: I like electronics but i'm not very used to work with motors :D
Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. ESCs work by feeding the motor "pulses" each of which are technically at the maximum current required. It only seems lower when measured because we are measuring the average current overall. You might be able to get away with it to some extent, but its really not good for the electronics.


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It will not work. It's just physic. The Power in Watt is the important size. If the kv is low, the torque the motor can produce is higher. So you can use bigger props with lower rpm. If the KV is high you have less torque ( keeping the voltage and the current at same level) so you will have more RPM but has to use a smaller prop. I hope the explanation is understandable with my bad English.


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Just be careful as over prop'ing can lead to burnt out motors and even props disintegrating in flight. I had done both!

Just check the specifications of the motor and never exceed them. Most suppliers will give tables with Max power and prop recommendations Vs battery voltage.

I have found that not all props are equal. I use a selection of various manufacturers propellers and select the one that gives the performance which best suits my flying requirements for the model concerned.

Recently I changed a 9x6 prop I had been using for my Spit for another prop from a different manufacturer. On the new prop the take off run was a little slower as was the climb out But when flying a high speed pass the plane was noticeably faster and of course the controls were also crisper at the higher speed.

Until they make a variable pitch prop for RC models I will be swapping props for best performance.

Have Fun!
Well now you could buy an iflight ipower 3058q and rewind it to whatever kv you want for the prop and voltage you want

Would you like 1550kv for a 7 or 8 inch prop? 10 turns of say 21 or 20 awg wire half parallel dlrk y

You know more power is wasted with high kv, I get 32 oz thrust with a 12x8 for 107watts and 48oz for about 200 watts with this size motor and prop

gen rule is 3 watts per gram motor weight, I like to go a little heavy with the motor

Why not figure just how big a prop you are willing to use then look at some Cobra or Scorpion motor charts for ideas for thrust and speed then you could put a motor n prop together for that thrust/speed goal.

Small props make more noise, I like at an 8 inch prop

3508Q turncalc sheet.png iFlight 4008Q, 3508Q  Hex D4023 tests pic.jpg Motorz N A Pik 4.jpg Cobra 2217 -- 1550 kv 12T  $31.jpg

Cobra and Scorpion seem very honest about tests and charts and I like their motors and their motor kits have a lot of room for winding on stator and inside the case. It was fun and interesting rewinding the 2215 motor kit, got a few on clearance

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