Hirobo Dauphin Electric Conversion


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A few months ago, I came across this beautiful bird for sale on RCgroups and decided to pull the trigger, with the intent of converting to electric. While I was back with my family at Christmas, I borrowed some time on my dad’s milling machine, and created a motor mounting tray that would hold the motor and clutch stack in place of the .90 nitro. Based on some info I pulled off Runryder before it went down, I decided to go with a 10S power system, driven by a Scorpion 4035 500kv motor, and a 130A HW ESC. Also added in a Castle BEC pro to power the servos. Based on the some of the things I’ve heard on scalerchelis, I decided to try the Axon out on this model.

I got in a quick first flight at Helis Over Apache Pass in April after finishing up the setup. Initial impressions were good, but the tail was definitely sluggish.


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Thanks guys! I love how it flies, and can't wait to detail it out!

They were great sets of mechanics.

I didn't know runryder had gone, I've never looked back after joining scalerchelis but there was a lot of great info on runryder that will be missed.

Agree on both counts. Never posted on runryder, but it had an incredible archive of info, especially for older models. There are several threads that I wish I would have saved for reference, especially a few of the scratch builds.

For the scale mechanics, definitely as well! Would be great if they ever decided to release an updated version for electric. If they flipped the motor up top, they could even get the mechanics out of the way of the interior with relative ease. The Hirobo Chinook and Sea Knight have remained some of my most sought after models, but they are near impossible to find now.


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You get that properly decorated it could pass as a movie model.

Already looked real in those shots over the water. Little depth of field manipulation and youd never know the difference.