Hitec Aurora 9X OR Spektrum DX8

Hitec Aurora 9X /OR/ Spektrum DX8

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I am looking to buy a new "all rounder" radio. I have whittled down my choice to Hitec Aurora 9X or Spektrum DX8
All opinions are welcome :)


I am not the expert in the field, but I'll give my 2 cents. :) I have heard nothing but good about Hitech Aurora 9X, (or Tactic which is also SLT) but....

It seems you can find Spektrum radios and receivers just about everywhere. A lot of guys on the flight line have Spektrum so trainer pairing is easier. Secondly, you can get Spektrum knock-off receivers (OrangeRX for instance) cheap cheap cheap. I have one DX7 transmitter, and four cheapo OrangeRX receivers of various flavors I swap from plane to plane. I have also just started tinkering with this receiver http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/...er_w_DSM2_Compatible_6CH_2_4Ghz_Receiver.html. It includes a 3 Axis flight stabilizer. I just started tuning it, but flying it Saturday in the 10-15mph winds it really proved to be fantastic for the price! The best part is, I can turn it on and off from the TX while in flight. So if you want to save battery, or just don't want to use it just click it off. It gets gusty, click it on.

All this being said, I know the Hitec 9X is a favorite of the FT guys. Especially for long range applications.

Just my thoughts, good luck!