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HiTec Laser 4


Rotor Riot!
I have one of these in my JR XP652 radio. I've used it for about two or three months of random flying and simulating, charged it only once. The old NiCd in my Tx was onlt 600mAh, so the newer 2560mAh was a big spec bump.


Just one thing. Never forget your Tx on, or your LiPo will surely die. Forever. And another thing, don't use the original charger, the battery comes with a balance plug so you can charge it with a LiPo balancer/charger.


Rotor Riot!
thanks i will look into that how do you like your remote
1 - It's really old (72MHz, not 2.4GHz)
2 - I got it for free
3 - I'm having glitches
4 - I have a forever-lasting battery

It's a nice radio. You can only get them used nowadays. It would be nice for a conversion, but I'm not into that.

The radio is programmable, but it uses an old-type LCD screen that looks like a wristwatch. It has lots of functions.


How many letters do we ge
Hitec Laser 4 was my first radio. Paid probably enough for 4 Turnigy 9x radios, though a receiver and servos were included.

Once specked out a 2.5m glider with that radio.

Good times, good times.
yes the price has gone way down and the servos are a very good quality is there a kit that i can get to make it a 2.4ghz system i love this remote but i hate the 75mhz not a long enough range