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Hitec X4 help

Just wanted to double check I have the charger set up right. Trying to charge an Electrifly 7.4v 300mah 20c Lipo. With the charger set to 0.3A and 7.4(2s) I get a 'connection break' error reading. Same thing if I try it on 3.7(1s). Sorry guys for the dumb question but I'm stuck in Kuwait with no one to lean on for advice and desperately needing something to fill my down time.


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I believe you have it set up to do a balance charge. In this case you'll need to hook in the balance lead as well as the charge lead.

Otherwise you can set it to do a regular charge, and that should avoid the error.
Right now the battery is connected to the 2s spot on the HX adapter which goes to the charger (black wire over the neg terminal). Current settings on the charger are Lipo Batt Charge 0.3A 7.4V (double checked it wasn't balance charge). I don't know what you mean by the balance lead as well as the charge lead. The only other cables/leads that came with charger are a DC power chord, a few aligator clips and some banana clips. Nothing that will connect to my small battery for my foamy.
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So I need even more adapters and connectors?! And another two weeks waiting for parts! If I post a picture on here of the batteries and charger connectors would somebody be able to help me compile a list of all the connectors/adapters/leads I'll need? Maybe give this newby some tips.


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Please tell the model of your charger.
Most multi chargers require that you charge with the same wires as you use to your ESC.
You normally need a lot of "adapter" cables to charge your different batteries.
Some very simple chargers use only the balancing leads to charge - but only small currents as you have.

But you might have a connection break somewhere - it is not uncommon to have a "cold solder" in the charger or the battery cable.

Found your 4-battery charger - YOU NEED adapter cables.

The connector is called mini or micro Deans and you will probably not find them at HobbyKing any longer.
You have alligators and bananas so you will not be without flying ;-)
You can get to the positive pin on your battery easy.
With some care not to shorten anything it is possible to get e steel needle through the black wire and connect the minus alligator being extremely careful not to short the positive (red) alligator to the negative (black) one.
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Success! I found a wire repair kit and low and behold it contained JST connectors. I switched the batteries to JST to match the ESC and used an extra female end as the adapter to connect to the charger with alligator clips. Batteries are charged and I'm ready to fly, almost. Having some problems with the motor. It will turn over but won't start. I know it's electric but that is how it acts. Maybe a cold solder? Thanks everyone for your help.