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HK 2200mAh 3S sale $6

Rhino 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack w/XT60
heads up .... sale $6 ea.

I saw an ad somewhere for these $6 Hobby king batteries, I was skeptical because I have been burned a couple times recently on ebay with guys selling 1800mah real cheap & packaged as if they were 2200mah

anycase being HK I decided to take a chance & order them 2 days ago and they arrived they are infact 2200mah I got similar flight times and they "may" or may not be as quality as my turnigy battery, reviews were good .... but @ $6 each what do I care...will order a few more
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I like the Rhino batteries. I bought one 2200 3s about 6 months ago and have been beating the absolute crap out of it seeing if it stands up to the normal Turnigy packs which I have sworn by for a long time now. It's not puffed noticeably at all and gets no warmer now after a hard flight than it did when I bought it. When I bought it I measured the IR per cell at 2, 2, and 3 - now, they're at 7, 5, and 7 respectively. Not bad for probably 200 cycles, most of them being in ducted fans and helicopters! I just bought 8 more of them...


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I just ran a pak in a race drone to run it down harder than a fixed wing... they are it seems as advertised.....@ $6 I bought 10 more

any one know what is the shelf life of lithium polymere if never used and stored as bought in storage state?
I took a 6 years break from this habit, to my surprise, majority of the batteries I bought 6 to 8 years ago still work Just fine, especially the lower output ones (20-25c). I never really drain the batteries, except for 6s, down to storage mode. My charger can detect the internal resistance of the cells and it shows these old batteries do have higher internal resistance which means they can’t be fully charged and the 45c back then is more like an 25c now. However, I do have a few 7-years-old batteries, brand new, not even unboxed. I tested them (3.75v/cell right out of box) and they are as good as new-new. So, storage mode sounds like a good idea.
When a lipo is in storage mode it is at it's resting voltage of 3.7-3.75 volts/cell. at the resting voltage, the battery should be pretty safe to let it sit around for quite some time before use, without any voltage drops (hence "storage mode"). this is how I store my batteries when they aren't being used often (for 1-2 weeks), just to keep them safe. Also don't forget to store the batteries in a safe place. I use a 30cal ammo can to prevent mishaps from creating long term damage, also don't store your packs in an area that is too hot/cold, or experiences fluctuation in temperature regularly. I heard somewhere that it is ideal to store your batteries at refrigerator temperature, and the hardcore people dedicate drawers in their fridge specifically to their packs... that might be just a myth though :)


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cold is not good for lithium polymer batteries, or my car battery for that matter ha!
I did some experiments in the past. I had some 65c batteries that puffed a little due to abusive 3D flying in hot summer days. Left them in a fridge (not the freezer) for few hours before charging and the puff was gone. They seemed to be able to receive full charge without puffing, but they would puff up again after a flight.
I once stored a box of live bait in the fridge, and the next day these Canadian nightcrawlers were all over the fridge. My wife went banana and I was not allow yo store my stuff in the fridge ever since. So, no long terms data available.