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HK 5.8Ghz 200mW issue


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Hello everybody,

I had my first few fpv flights today and i ran into some issues with my video link.
I'm able fly 100-150+ meters high but only 150-270m in distance.

Video link range test #1:

Video link range test #2:

The end point = no video at all

My first thought was that 5.8Ghz wifi networks were the problem so I changed my frequency to 5945Mhz but it didn't help.

Gear placement in my plane:

My setup:
808 keychain cam #16 (10Mb/s average video data rate 720P)
5.8Ghz 200mW boscam vtx ->cloverleaf (is facing up)
RC305 vrx -> Skew planar wheel (is facing up)
HK simple osd running CL-OSD (home arrow, distance etc...)
Multiplex Twin Star II running a brushless set
They all share one 3S2200 battery

Day 2:
[5945 Mhz]
I have made an LC filter for the video transmitter using a ferrite tube style core and wrapped my positive wire around it 10 times. For the capacitance value I used 2200uF 25V and fitted it into the plane.
The result was a minimal improvement of 20-30 meters in gained distance.

At the end point my screen is basically filled with static.

Tomorrow i plan to move my cloverleaf antenna on the wing / tail for the fresnell zone effect.
Does anybody else have any tips / suggestions ?

Thanks Spikee
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i had the same type of issue with 1.3 ghz. i redid my harness with all sstp cat6 cable (shielded screened twisted pairs) like 6 bucks from newegg it made an immense improvement. 200mw clear line of site should give much more range if properly setup.
pull the heavy rubber "skin" off and either use heat shrink or lightweight elec tape to cover the harness.
link from article i found the info at:


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I found the main issue ... the notorious channel selection problem !
My receiver was on channel 1 and my transmitter on 8 and it still received decent video from a distance. I tested it in my garage and show and behold when I finally had bad reception i set my receiver from channel 1 to 8 and I had a perfect video again. (all the range test above were on channel mismatch)

Also because it was raining all day i moved my video transmitter into the tail , wired everything up using CAT5E (had no cat6 or shielded but i made good use of the twisted pairs). Because now all the electronics weight is in the tail I have 25cm in length for the battery setup. I only have 3S2200 laying around and I had to put two into the plane to get the cg right. Might have a look at a 4S or 3S high mah setup soon.

I was finally finished around 20:00 here and there was alot of humidity because of the recent rain. I was able to test my plane before it became to dark but two minutes into the flight my key-chain cam reported low battery and it was time to go home.

Tomorrow I will range test my new setup and correct channel settings and report back probably with a video.