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HK B-17


Fly yes... land no.
Yep looks like a nice plane. Bigger cell pack which is nice.

That said with the new UMX P-47 and it not being brushed.
The UMX sized planes are going to change in the near future I bet.


Posted a thousand or more times
sweet I have been waiting for a 2S UMX warbird. I have a Pitts that has that same power setup and it is fairly powerful, it can hover. I would rather it were a mustang or corsair but this is a nice start.


Fly yes... land no.
I would buy one of those B-17's in a heart beat but I don't need another plane with another battery at this stage. :)
For 129 a brushless bind and fly is awesome, hope they mess with the others to get those motors to be brushless too, but keep the size. That will be a game changer.