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HK Durafly F4U review please!


More combat please...
I'd love to see a head to head type review of the Parkzone vs the Durafly Corsair.

Chad, any way we will ever see this kind of review between the two sponsors?
I think it would make for great viewing.


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No, and no flaps either. Also I think the durafly bird has lights to as park zone doesn't. I still wouldnt give up my pz f4u for anything but the hk one looks like a really cool addition

I would love to see a review of both planes, I really wanna know what the boys think about my favorite plane the park zone corsair, as do I also wanna see the hk corsair as I wanna get it after basic along with a dx8
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Ahhh, dunno what it is about the corsair, but its just beautiful to watch....

That one in the vid wasn't the durafly one, as it has 3 section flaps- the HK one only has the outer most section working.

Given that the inside edges of the flaps where white, I'm guessing it was a modded FMS/airfield one. It also just looks like its a bit bigger.

Great vid!


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I'd watch a F4u episode.

Rather than pitt the 2 sponsors together which may cause friction, perhaps review the two HK F4us, the bigger 3S version and the mini 2s version. By all accounts they are good planes and the corsair airframe is just a pleasure to watch fly around the field.


The Corsair is one of the most beautiful aircraft. I know for a fact, from watching Pilot-294 fly his Parkzone, that it is an amazing warbird. It definitely flies like a trainer, but kicks butt like a warbird.

The Durafly looks nicer. But does it have the same docile/butt kicking fun characteristics of the PZ? That's what I'd like to know!
I would watch F4U episode. May not have to compare but say an episode on HK version then the next episode have a PZ review and let the viewer decide which is best. I really enjoy my PZ but I can see how the HK would be so cool. Like Pilot saide before retracts and lights YEAZ