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HK RadJet 800 Pnf help

Hi everyone I was wondering if someone could help with the receiver setup for this plane .
I am currently using a spektrum Dx6i controller and using a spektrum .AR6115E i am a complete newb with delta or elevon setup
Unsure which mode delta or elevon i should be using v tail would appreciate any help
Currently with the way i have it connected all controls seem to be reversed
Nose up brings the nose down
Nose down noses up
Left bank is right and right is left
Thanks everyone


Elemental Madness
Looks like you have it set up for elevons which is good. If stuff is reversed find "reverse" in the menu and reverse the elevator and aileron channels(since they are mixed). That should do it. Welcome to the forums!


More combat please...
Yup elevon mixing is what you want.
One servo plugs into the elevator port on the receiver, the other one plugs into the aileron port.
If you are unable to get everything moving correctly by just using the reverse functions in your transmitter, swap the servo leads on the receiver and keep trying.