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HK Target Drone Fiberglass FPV Platform 1520mm


I was thinking about purchasing this product for photography and I would really like to see you guys give your opinion on this product and maybe a good fpv setup video with this product.The reason why I like it so much Its because it looks pretty cool but I really don't know how well it flies.



Propaganda machine
It looks cool. Not sure it'd be ideal for photography though, as it'd be a little fast (swept wings, mid-range wing loading). For photography, something big, slow and able to carry heavy payloads would be better, like the Skywalker 1680 or 1900, or the EPP FPV, or the Multiplex TwinStar.
Do you have any experience with flying FPV? I'm pretty confident that this wouldn't be the best platform for someone new to FPV.
Well, I mean that's one of the reason why I would like them to test it to get more info on how well it flies.FPV is not my main concern with this product as I will probably use it for FPV once a month or so.When in it comes to my experience in FPV I have never done it before but as I said I will probably use this as a cool looking UAV.