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HK UK warehouse just keeps getting better and better..

`So after what seemed to be a disappointing amount stock in the UK warehouse when it opened it appears that new stuff is being added daily.
And from what i can tell it seems to have almost everything needed for people looking to get into the hobby :)
i just hope that it starts to get even more stock in..
And my first experience with them was great :)
Shipping was fast and arrived just when i expected.
Great work HobbyKing.
I know the Aussie warehouse isn't too bad. We seem to even have a reasonable range of Lipos too :)
The good thing about Aus warehouse is that u have EVERYTHING that is needed for a complete beginner to start learning to fly were as at the minute the UK warehouse lacks the cheap 4channel HK TX that a complete beginner could buy to get into our sport..
but in due time this may well be changed... well lets hope so as i have plenty of mates that play around with my HZ super cub and would love to get into the hobby cheaply.

shame really..
but fingers crossed
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But I'm just across the water from the UK and they won't deliver to Ireland!

However I CAN order from the German warehouse?????:confused:

I've spent a small fortune ordering supplies from Hobbyking in HK. They could make an exception for me and ship a plane from the UK to Ireland. I promise I won't tell;)