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Hobby king Lancaster


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Sadly this plane has now been discontinued which is a shame, but not really a surprse as it had some pretty bad teething problems on its launch. (poor packaging and faulty ESC's)
With a 1400mm wingspan for a 4 engine bomber it is pretty small, but for me it was perfect as anything larger causes problems with storage and transport for me.

So anyway, the build is more involving than a normal ARTF but scale detail is very good.
There are no wrongly shaped wings or tail surfaces and so overall a great little model, it does need to be flown as such though you cannot throw it about like a fighter. (but why would you want too?)
Slow passes and sweeping turns are the order of the day.


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Foam Addict

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Gorgeous, I read a lot of the thread on RCgroups, definitely a few bugs, but like most HK stuff, with a little (or a lot of) work, they are beautiful in the sky.
They really should just offer it as a kit, and that would save a few headaches!


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very nice mate. what motors and props are you swinging? what was the overall weight of the model? it looks amazing


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Props and motors are stock plenty of power as they were, I did away with the RX battery and use a BEC but then you need to replace the battery with lead to get the cog right.
I did buy a second and locked it away in my workshop untouched as I fear it might be sometime if ever we see the like again.
its a shame as aside from the problems its a great looking and flying plane.

Sorry I don't have any scales to check the weight