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Hobby King Mini Skywalker 840mm FPV


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This is the Maiden of the HK Mini Skywalker. When buying my son's Mini Red Arrow EDF for his birthday, it seemed only fair that I add an extra model to the Shopping Cart for me :)

In any case when I first purchased the FatShark Predators, I also got the 5.8ghz vTX and small FatShark Camera, so I wanted a model to put them on. The Mini Skywalker seemed like the right choice. The idea being to fly FPV, I could just have the Goggles, Model and the er9x. I small package that you could always throw in the car without the hassle of carting around your Ground Station etc Basically a Fun Little FPV Model

This video is of the maiden flight. I think I was way too confident, since I decided I was special and only needed 0.5 mistakes height to trim it (look at the 57 second mark). I caught it in time, but it could have easily hit the deck. After committing to painting it, I would have been pretty annoyed if I broke or scratched it due to my own stupidity.

Their is a thread I that I started on this build in the forum here:

List of all parts used is in the video description. If you have a look at the 3 low passes I did for the camera, I brought it in close and low enough for Thomas to video it and kept the speed down, yet it tracked perfectly and I felt in 100% control. This is one Top Little Model.

I may have been a little harsh on the FatShark Camera which could have been due to the low light since we were flying late after Thomas finished school. I will try the Fatshark Camera out again during the middle of the day to see how it goes.

Hope you find this useful :)



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Great flight Paul and commentary Thomas. Seems like a great little model. Two winners for both Thomas and you.


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
How durable has the foam nose been after numerous landings? Mine is almost ready for flight (depending on when winter finally arrives) and if necessary I'll give the nose a layer of clear packing tape to protect it.


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It's pretty easy to land, so no real need to protect the nose unless you plan on crashing. Mine still looks just as good as new and its probably done 70 -100 flights

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I never really "plan" to crash, but that doesn't alway stop me! I was mainly curious as to the quality/strength of the foam, but the more I think about it my bigger concern is scratching up the fancy new paint job I've given it. I'd hate to ugly it up after spending way too much time prepping it for it's maiden. If the weather is nice that may be tomorrow!




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Glydr's bought one to go under his tree... I'll keep trying to convince him to go fpv.

By wing project, you mean the Teksumo?
Its a great little FPV Aircraft no two ways about it. As far as the FPV Wing goes, its a scratched build that I'm in the process of designing. I guess we will soon find out if my Design Engineering Skill are any good lol


How many letters do we ge
Yep. I've loads of led strips which were going to go on a wing, but I haven't a spare wing and when flying you spend a lot of time looking at the side of the fuse for orientation cues. I figured this big fuse with the ability to carry a bit of weight would be ideal for nightfly duties. Cheap too.