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Hobby Shop Peter worked at Before Flite Test

Help me.

I remember Josh B. Talking about wooden kits and suggesting a shop, Ironically it was the same shop that Peter worked at before joining Flite Test. I have built four FT Kits and am starting to think about building a wooden kit. I would like to purchase one of their kits. Can someone send me the name or a link to their web site.

Thank you for the help
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I'm not sure if it's the hobby shop that Peter worked at but josh recommended Mountain Models at some point over the past few years. I've also heard really good things about them from some of the balsa guys here on the forums. Check out the "Fall Build Along" thread in the Balsa Builders and Breakers from Last fall. You'll find a few build threads there (third post) with some of our struggles and successes.


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There was a video where the shop was visited. I don't know if it was the Who is Peter episode or another after that. I think the latter.

Radical RC is in Dayton Ohio . Across from the Air Force Museum. One of the best in the business .Dave and the guys can help with anything related to the hobby . And he is very involved in the hobby community . Be prepared to spend extra time when you go in there ! Lots of cool stuff! If you want to build a Wright Flyer . This is the place to go.