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Hobbyking Bixler with GoPro HD


Rotor Riot!
Nice flying, nice selection of music, nice low passes, nice camera mount, nice intro, what can I say? Excellent job.


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@all: Thanks for the nice comments. Glad to hear that you guys like it! :)

@ilovefpv: The video editing software is called "VideoPad Video Editor". Its a very simple video editing software.

@JoeyG: The ground shots from the beginning (building part), the photos and the crash in the end are made with a Sony Bloggie. But the onboard shots and the ground shots, after the building part, are all shot with a GoPro HD in 60fps.

- Marcel
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Very well put together video chap, thanks for the info.. the 60fps makes alot of difference huh, very little vibration/cam shake.