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Hobbyking Bonsai

Hey, ive been looking at getting the hobbyking bonsai but not sure what kind of electronics to put in it (motor, esc, battery, etc.). If u guys have any suggestions about what to use and how much it would cost id love to hear them.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

so the original setup is written in HK

And this is exactly the stuff you need:
4 Channel TX/RX with delta mixing (Any good radio today like a DX6i does have that mixer)
2 x 3g~5g Servo (Not much of a problem, just a couple bucks, but take metal geared ones because on wings, when you land them, the servo gears could break.)
6A~8A ESC (Any kind of ESC would be enough. I would prefer a 10-12 A ESC just to be on the safe side, unless you wanna go lightweight)
HK 1612 3200kv Brushless Outrunner Motor (You can try this one and if it is too slow for you, just order one that is a bit more powerful. Thats why you got the 10-12A ESC for :D )

5x3 prop
300mAh~600mAh 2s Lipoly Battery
Now those last two thing are pretty simple. You can vary the prop the way you want to fly the bonsai. (Btw there is a FT video about choosing the right prop) And I don´t think that HK doesn´t suggest a reasonably good prop.
The Lipo ... mhmm. If you wanna go crazy for 3S, but I think you can get the fun you want to out of 2S. Start off with 2S and if it gets boring get a 3S.

I am about to get a wing as well but not from HK. I don´t know if thats a name to you but it´s called Skyfighter by Hacker.