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Hobbyking EPP Pitts'!


Propaganda machine
I got a Hobbyking EPP Pitts' Special kit for my birthday (mid-March) which only just saw its maiden today. The kit is pretty good quality and has cf to spare. I didn't have too much trouble putting together using the very detailed manual, a scalpal and my trusty hot glue gun. I only had two servos in the spares kit, which went into the fuse to work the enormous rudder and elevator. When a new delivery from HK arrived, containing the extra servo needed, I added the servo arm extension (lazily using hot glue) and test flew with a 1300 3s.

The aileron hinges were very stiff and didn't really do much - being lazy I didn't fix this straight away. The plane had a couple of hard landings on the road, but nothing too major. I then spent an hour or so putting hinges in. Instead of flying in the street again, I took it to the park. There was quite a bit of wind (about 25-30km/h) but keeping the nose into it I kept the plane steady. Every now and then the wind died down a bit and I tried some stick banging (I'm new to this flying on the prop business...). I managed a couple of short knife edges, but I'm not used to so much throw and overdid it before long. One additional problem... Inverted wouldn't work at all. Landing the plane and testing the throw, there's very little down and plenty of up. The pushrod flexes like crazy when trying to push the elevator down.

Aside from that, the motor is a pearler and the plane flies pretty darn well, even in a stiff breeze. Anyone else have this plane?