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Hobbyking in Germany

Hi Guys,

I´m a Student and I live in Germany. Actually my main hobby is flying real size gliders but I still do a little rc flying too. I love flitetest and especially the scratch builds because they are so cheap and cool.
The parts used in these scratchbuilds are mostly from hobbyking (cheap) and where I live it´s quite impossible to get them because of the duty. When I ordered some motors, batterys, esc´s, props etc. from hobbyking, they told me they couldn´t deliver those things to me because of the "CE" marks and they will abolish the whole package :mad: :applause: .
As I said I´m a student and I simply don´t have the money to buy those "good" brands like Robbe, Graupner, Multiplex.

Hobbyking: I love the fact that the European Warehouse is being stocked more and more but what is the real intention? Will it ever have the same assortment the international warehouse has right now?

Aren´t there any other people who want to build/fly cheap airplanes without having to worry sooo much about crashing :eek: ? How do you guys handle this :confused: ?

happy landings

There is a long discussion on the problems with Germany, started by Anthony Hand, owner of Hobby King on the HK forum. Makes for not so good reading if one lives in Germany. Suggest you read it for full understanding of the issues.
Every item sold in EU must carry the CE label - if not the items are not legal.
It has nothing to do with HK actually...

China think they get away with their "CE" label that is China Export

Read more here...


If you have trouble you can ask someone to order the parts for you and ship within EU

see i am the same a have a crap paying job and i am going to college and like things cheap but time you add the postage its almost the same price as the products a wish they would keep almost the same variety in hobbyking de than hong kong
Let me guess, your local custom point is in Tübingen?
Mine is in Zuffenhausen and until now I got most of my orders. Only one was sent back to HobbyKing without giving me a notice. But I got the money from HobbyKing back and only had to pay the shipping. I have done 14 orders with them and only one is still on the way.
I don't think that they will stock the small things in the De Warehouse in the near future. But look around a little bit, there a probably some other shops where you can buy which the customs do not know about.