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HobbyKing's Multirotor BeerLift 2012


Never catch a multirotor
Ahhh sh*t !

I just sold my alloy monster quad with 4x 3536-1000 motors !!
With a 4000mah 4cell it could lift 2600grams max !!
It smoked out 2 of my 40Amp esc's and puffed up the lipo, but that was after 5 secs .. so it should be fine.

A six-pack weights 2kg .. I might build a new quad ;-)


How many letters do we ge
If I lived closeby I'd approach these guys with a few cases of Becks, a video camera and a mega big set of scales.

A case of Becks for a 5 second flight. Fair trade?
I could lift 1.5Kg with my 1st Tricopter - puffed 1 Lipo...

With my current Quad I can lift about 2kg but the frame is not strong enough for that