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I get my parts in just a few days from them. I have never ordered from Hobby King. Mostly I hear bad things about them. I plan on building everything that you post as a project. I think your site is tops. Can you give me some info on the motors and other electrics that I can get from Hobbypartz to complete your plans. I went to the Lazor site that you work with and they seem to be out of the electric kits. I would like a better place to go to for parts. I get my parts in just a few days everytime I order from Hobbypartz. Very impressed with their service and prices.


This combo would work nicely for the FT Flyer, Nutball and Delta Swappables. And, at $24, the price is hard to beat. I recommend using a prop saver on the motor due to its threaded shaft (Don't see any on their site). Those bend really easily. I'd also cut the shaft shorter, if it has room to spare. Just be sure to leave the nut on the shaft so that you can back it off and straighten the threads after the cut.

If you didn't know, and since you are a fan of HobbyPartz, they are the same company as Nitroplanes.com and Xheli.com. I've had good luck with NP and have ordered a few planes from them. No complaints. However, I am not a fan of their Blue LiPo series. Others have had similar complaints about these as indicated by recent discussions on the forum.

Heck, at that price, I think I'll order that combo myself just to have around!
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Since your post caused me to buy something that I didn't need ;), let me introduce you to MY favorite online vendor - www.headsuphobby.com.

You will NOT find better customer support than these guys. Have a question about anything RC - just email them. They have always replied within a couple of hours. I run any power setup that I'm considering through them and they usually have a better idea. Shipping is within a couple of hours (literally). They charge a flat shipping rate of $2, except on large items, then its $4.

I've never ordered from Grayson, but from what I understand, they are very comparable to headsup in terms of service.


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I've yet to have any problems with HK other than the wait for stuff coming from overseas. Until a month or so ago I could say the same about HobbyPartz as well but my last attempt to order from them did not go well at and and I'm quite hesitant to order from them again now. I have a dozen or so 2 and 3 cell 500mah skylipo's that have been great - but it seems HP has given up on actually getting them in stock.

My last order was for a mix of stuff, no batteries just some ESC's, props (I really liked their 8x4 props 10 per bag...but again they seem to have given up on keeping them in stock), programming card and some linkage stoppers. All of it was listed as in stock and I ordered from HP specifically because of how quickly they had shipped things to me in the past (about 3 days to me in AZ.)

Except this time it took almost a week for them to process the order which meant I didn't get my props by the next weekend which was the whole point of ordering from them. And when they did finally ship the package went about 5 miles from their warehouse then turned around and went right back to their warehouse according to the USPS. I contacted their support and it took them a few days to respond - when they did they said the package came back as rejected by me. I pointed out that it never made it to me and the tracking even backed me up. They then said they didn't know what was wrong with the shipping and they would resend the package. (note this was a 2-3 day delay between each response.) Finally after another week I asked if they were ever going to reship the package. At that point they actually called me and said that the propellers and programming card were out of stock and would I like them to ship the rest of my order and then ship those when they came back in stock? I asked why they couldn't just reship the package since they had said they had it - and now they said they had lost it and had to make a new package but things that were still listed as in stock on the site were actually out of stock. In the time it took to get this far I had already ordered and received two shipments from HK in China and I told them as much and said to just cancel the order and refund my money at this point. They did so but took another 5 days to do it.

Honestly I suspect they never had the items in stock in the first place and sent a fake shipment to themselves to try and buy time.

Incidentally the previous order from them a few weeks before that one was also screwed up - but in my favor. I had ordered repair parts for my Syma X1 quad. I ordered the motor shafts. They actually sent me all new arms/motors/shafts/landing gear sets...but they didn't send me a matched set I got the 2 front sets but then 2 for one side on the rear.

I had had good experiences with them up until then...but after two goofy orders in a row I'm thinking there's something seriously wrong in their warehouse and am very wary of ordering from them again. Their shipping going from $5 to almost $7 doesn't help either. I've since ordered from Grayson and ValueHobby and had equally fast or faster shipping and good prices with no screw ups.

The GeForce batteries I tried from ValueHobby don't seem to have quite as much "kick" to them as the Turnigy's I have to compare them to and the leads are a bit short for my taste (though since they have deans or EC3s and I use XT60s adding an adapter makes up for that) but the price is good for what they are and the shipping is faster and cheaper than HK.


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I've never had a problem with HobbyKing.

The closest I came, I got online, spoke with the rep, and I offered them a solution, and he agreed to it.

I think they're not allowed to suggest a remedy, but if you have one that is fair, they'll do it.

HobbyParts is great, except for their blue lipos, those suck.

Grayson was a fantastic experience. I'll be ordering more from them soon.

HeadsUpRC has been around forever. They were the first ones to make a chart that would easily explain what each motor did, which ESC to put with it, and what prop.

Darn, is it a bad sign that I've ordered from all of these places?

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heads up is great, grayson hobby is good, altitude hobbies is good with fast and cheap shipping, I still go to hobbyking most of the time but I try to stick to the USA warehouse. I usually get things within a week and I've never had a problem from them. My troubles have all been with the global warehouse.