HobbyZone F4U Corsair with Safe Impressions


Hey everyone,

My name is Silvester, I live in the Netherlands, and I recently (a few months ago) bought the F4U Corsair S from HZ. My first plane was a HZ Super Cub S, and after that I built the FT Flyer (which still flies awesome). After a while, (about 4 months since I bought the Super Cub), I went to a hobby shop to buy some props and other stuff. They had the F4U Corsair as well. When they took it out of the box, I immediately fell in love with the looks and I decided to buy it.

The first flight was NERVE WRECKING, but it was quite succesful (in beginner mode). After my maiden I immediately tried to fly in advanced, which worked out for me. I had to use the panic switch quite often, and with landings and take-offs I still used beginner mode, but it was quite easy to handle.

I know that some people really dislike this plane for its price: about $300 for a BNF, but I think that it was definitely worth it. The plane is quite fast and flies really awesome, and it is easily able to do advanced manoeuvres (which I cant perfrom, I am still trying out inverted flying). Compared to a T-28 Trojan from PZ ($200) for example, many people say that the Trojan is the better choice. I know that it is cheaper, but it doesnt come with safe (which has prevented me from crashing SO often in the beginning), and the looks of the Corsair are just unbeatable. I also think that the Corsair is
somewhat faster.

In conclusion, I think that the Corsair S is a great 2nd (or 3rd) RC plane, especially when coming from a Super Cub. If you are thinking of buying a Corsair, just go for it, it is not so hard to handle in beginner mode, while it can really do some fancy stuff in advanced. Also, I have NEVER crashed mine yet (I only broke off a landing gear when trying to land in high grass, which was stupid, just do a belly landing), so it still looks amazing (especially in the air).

I hope this post will help some people to decide which plane to buy,


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That Corsair is one I keep thinking about. I was really hoping HH would have the P-51 with retracts SAFE enabled by now. How easy it is to pack up into the box?