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Hobbyzone Supercub Best Plane EVER


More combat please...
We have a couple of these planes. One is the newer LP version box stock, kind of a beater plane but flies great!
The other one was a beater plane, cowl destroyed, no LG, duck tape on the wings. A little TLC and some upgrades, I fly this one all the time. Fast, unlimited vertical.
Did a Flitetest inspired bomb drop (yeah, it cost about three dollars)
Here's one of the first few bomb drops done from this plane. Hope to have some more vid soon ;)



More combat please...
Note to HobbyKing-
This plane would have most likely had a Turnigy 3530 1400Kv motor on it. You've been out of stock on these forEVER!

Very happy with the Rocket series motors so far. They appear to be bulletproof.


More combat please...
I use one these motors on my combat plane. It has survived a bunch of abuse. I discovered that I was seriously over propping it (cooked a few speed controllers) finally go it on a wattmeter. I was getting 450 watts out of it (the 1700kv version) -it's only rated for 400- should have cooked it, but it keeps on going. I like these motors. :)


More combat please...
Just another reason the HZ Supercub is the best plane ever.
My son is a low hours flyer. He had his supercub a ways out and wanted to adjust his trims a little.
He took his eyes from the plane to find his trim tab, made a few clicks and couldn't find his plane.
He turned off the radio and started walking toward where he had seen it last-
His plane came into view!
Still in the air!
He was able to turn the radio back on and land safely!
How many other planes are there available that will fly themselves?


More combat please...

Don't take your eyes off your plane ever- If you can't find your trim tabs land your plane- make adjustments and try again.

Never turn off your radio while the plane is in the air. Zach knew this and had assumed the plane was already crashed- he got lucky.


More combat please...
Supercub Bushcub wheel mod

Hey fellas I put bigger wheels on the Supercub. Haven't had a chance to fly with them yet. The original Supercub wheels work great on a hard runway but sucked in grass. I was able to ROG on VERY short grass and land w/o flipping over but not consistently with the stock wheels. I'll give the flight report and try to get some video of the new wheels in action this weekend.
Are they big? YES- Think Tundra tires that look big enough to look cartoony or like the big wheels on a FunCub. They are indeed much heavier that the stock wheels- not sure I would recommend this for a stock brushed motor setup. The Supercub of Love has a Hobbypartz Rocket Series 3010 1400 KV motor. It's not even going to know the new wheels are there ;)

Got the wheels on HobbyPartz $3.00/pair (Hahahaha- funny story, I bought too many :) ) But here are some pics. Wifey has the "good" camera so you are gonna be stuck with cell phone pics.
Here's the link to the wheels I used http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-4011.html

Ok I'm lazy so I wanted to do as little work as possible. I retained the stock gear and used the stock nut to hold the gear on.
Here's the wheel as it came from HobbyPartz.


I made a rigged up depth gauge using some blue tape on a 1/2 inch drill, probably could have used a 3/8 or 7/16- didn't have those :( Set the depth for around a half inch


Made a bushing out of the insulation from a piece of 12 gauge wire (an old battery lead). This shows the size of the new wheel compared to the old one. hahaha- The hub of the new wheel is the same size as the old wheel.


Here's the wheel after drilling, with the bushing (see the little red thing?) installed and placed onto the gear.


And a pic of the plane. Cartoonish enough for ya? I really thought Oh Crap these wheels are WAY too big until I got them onto the plane. Now I need to do some prop testing! If this motor will tolerate bigger than a 10x6 I certainly have the clearance for it?

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Minnesota Flyer
Hey guys! I've added a eflite 480 brushless outrunner and an eflite 25amp esc with a pair of 939mg hk servos. This plane flies amazing! Unlimited vertical on a 1300mah 3S. STOL landings are fun with the big wheels too. I will post vies and pics later.


More combat please...
Awesome feel free to post them here! Have you put a wattmeter on your setup. 25a ESC sounds a little small for your setup but if you aren't pulling a lot of amps... What kv is the 480 and what size prop are you running. Love to see the vids when you get 'em posted!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Nice mods you did there jetpackninja.

I know that when you try to land and concentrate especially just for that perfect moment and the plane touches the grass and then flop! and the plane flips over.

Had it sooo often with my Parkzone Extra 300 and it kept annoying me soo much.
I bought bigger wheels once but unfortunately the shop send me the wrong pair of wheels which were just slightly bigger then the once I had been using already. Anyway I now always land on a 2m wide asphalt stripe which has a forest on the one side and a lot of light poles on the other side!
So always kind of a difficult maneouver.

Have you tried out your wheels yet or are they just mounted to be tested?


More combat please...
Yes I have tried them.
Takeoffs they are just fine. I can usually just whack the throttle and kind of jump into the air.
Flying is fine. The motor prop combo I have really works well. Even with these huge wheels and three nerf footballs on the bomb drop the plane will still go vertical for as long as I will dare. It's a lot of fun to fly, every time I do people want to know what motor is in it.
Landing is still kind of iffy. A lot of noseovers, I suspect I might be a little nose heavy combined with a faster stall speed.
Lots of fun, still working things out ;)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Ahh Alrighty then,

So having only bigger wheels does not help in every case where I actually thought it works most of the time. But you´re right the CG might be the little issue there.
I have the HZ Super Cub with floats/wheels, ailerons, .20 ERC Brushless motor with 11x7 Master Airscrew prop and a 30amp Eflite ESC running on 11.1V 2200mah battery. I found the floats really added extra weight and drag. After installing the .20 motor it will go vertical until the battery runs out and take off of grass with the floats in less than 10ft. The ailerons is all this plan was missing for it to be a great beginner plan. Don't get me wrong its a good beginner plane...but the ailerons make it so much fun if you've graduated from 3 channels. I'll try to get a video put on here soon.

photo 22.JPG

photo 23.JPG

photo 24.JPG
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More combat please...
Awesome- can you snap a couple o' pics of your landing gear setup too?
Looks great- did you build offset into your motor mount setup?
What did you use for the stand offs?
I disagree that the HZ Supercub is an awesome plane. Look at the heavy modifications that the above people had to do to get it to a decent level. The Supercub was my first plane and have flown it extensively but once your good at flying you realise it does nothing well. Too big and bulky to fly well slow, very lethargic on turning due to no ailerons, only able to do basic flying. To slow, brushed motor, propriety electronics so expensive even to replace a servo. Too heavy so if you crash you do damage.

I love the HZ Champ as a first plane and his is one you never get sick of and for the next plane the AXN Floater. The AXN is great as its a pusher, brushless and good wingspan for weight and parts cheap. I've bought 12 Champs for people but the Super Cub LP I just gave away.