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Holy Shoot, They've Got an Instruction Manual for the TT!!


I know nothing!
Wow. Just wow. This post doesn't rightly belong here, but I didn't want to bury it. Read the title! I went to download the plans for the TT, so I could build the wing I've screwed up twice, and there was the link! Spectacular! I've got a darn instruction manual, that I get to use in concert with a build video. Other than someone standing over my shoulder, it just doesn't get any better than that.

Not only that, but the Assembly Guide breaks down each process with both text and video. I am beside myself with what this means for the hobby. What this means for people like me? I understand by reading. Reading comprehension 101? No. More like 901. Video comprehension. Not so good. They've just addressed both methods of comprehension and combined them.

I mean, really, that is so above and beyond. That is truly caring that we can build these things. FT is now connecting generations of people in the way we understand things, and allowing us to combine them and put them together.

I don't know whose idea it was, but thank you FliteTest genius. :love:
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I know nothing!
On the other hand, I can't get any of the video links to work. :cry::LOL::ROFLMAO: Outstanding! It's still an awesome idea. Just needs a little more work.

The Journey Continues for all of us.