Home paint jobs let’s see them!


Decided to paint up my tiny trainer today, can’t wait to get it back up in the air and see how sweet it will look up in the sky


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Where did you post your maiden vids?
Haven't yet! Will post the maidens as so.
Edge 540: At the EDGE of the world, we meet.
Corsair: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have you any wool? Yes Sir, Yes Sir three Planes full!

First time in a while that I had a day without the kids this summer vacation, we sent them to my mother in a law and had a whole day to our selves. My day started out with 5 hours at the field with @Eddo radush. Then I got home and went with my wife to one store that she wanted to go to for her hobby. We then got home and spent the afternoon together after which we went to have dinner with 1.5L of beer.

So now I am to out of it to edit videos of the maidens that I had done today and tomorrow I got the morning shift at work so that will have to wait to tomorrow afternoon. When I get home from work. Can’t wait to edit and share the maidens of the Edge 540 and Master Series Corsair that took place today.

More about that tomorrow, good night folks :).

Stay tuned I'll upload some pictures of the planes that were taken at the field to this thread in a bit.