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Homemade motor mount for Super Cub


Elemental Madness
I just received my huge brushless motor from hobbyking that I plan to put on my cub. Then I realized...how the heck am I going to mount this?!? I have a bunch on 1/8" plywood to work with along with foam, screws, various wood and balsa, ect. Any ideas on a homemade mount?
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Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Here's mine. It's worked awesome. The only time it's broke was when I broke a prop and it was extremely unbalanced, but that will almost always result in some sort of breakage.

2012-02-27_17-28-20_149.jpg 2012-02-28_01-23-25_222.jpg 2012-02-28_01-48-31_727.jpg