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So I totalled my F9F Panther and decided to build my own thing.
Since I love flying wings, I went with Bobdabilduh's 5ez piece B2 wing plate as a base. I've incorporated F117-like verts. The airfoil is a basic plank version in several pieces as I just made it on the fly and don't have design software. It has cheapo retracts although the nose gear isn't steerable. If there are crosswinds, I'll just hand launch if I'm really chomping at the bit! Also elevons only. 70mm EDF and 80a esc. Balances perfectly with a 3500mah.
I'll make it less chunky looking and add purdiness if it flies.
A fun little project anyway!




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Hi all!

Well, success..... kinda.
It was a bit too stealthy! Lost orientation over the water. Also a bit snakey. Going to make some mid- wing stabs on the rebuild. The 12 blade sounds awesome!


That sucks, a wing with no color is super hard to see especially when it is level and a fair distance away. I also meant to ask how many times you have landed in the drink? You have to make one of those fold up coroplast boats like Ian did :D .


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Great build I'd call that a success!!. A little florescent orange on the top wing tips will help a lot (but you already know this). I like the way you always launch toward your car.


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And this is how it's turned out.
Balances perfectly with a 3500.
Single vert and wingtip stabs to make it more stable. Foamboard comes in a bunch of colours, so that's why it looks so goofy.
As I mentioned with the first one, I will give it some paint when I have a non fatal maiden! Lol