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Horizon CGO 2 Tilt problem


Junior Member
Hello flite test community.
I hope one of you might be able to help me out. After watching the tough tilt video, I like most saw the CGO 2 camera on the dragonfly. The CGO 2 is made by Yuneec and also sold by Horizon. I did some research (obviously not enough) and saw that it has pwm ports and a cable to plug into an RC channel to control the tilt function.

Well I got the camera and set it up with a test RX and no tilt........ :(
I've tried all RX channels on my DX8, I've called both Horizon and Yuneec, no luck they both say they don't know if it will work with anything but their product. At least the guy was nice at Yuneec, asked his boss and a few other in the room, but had no solution.

Does anyone know how to make the tilt work? Flite test, does the tilt work on your CGO 2 ?

Thanks for any help
I'm willing to try to help you trouble shoot the issue. I however do not entirely understand your issue. If I get it right your took a cgo 2 and put it on a dragonfly. Does the camera initialize at all when powered? if it does, does it work as a normal gimbal????


Junior Member

I've the same problem, i've sold my Blade 350 QX3 combo without the CGO2 to use this on another quad but impossible to use the tilt.
My local dealer explain me that Horizon use a special CAN code for this movement on this camera.????

Do you thing there is a solution?