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Horizon Hobby Landing with flaps on the P-47


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In this episode of Flite Test, Josh and Josh show us the P-47 with flaps. Watch as the team talk about the benefit of flaps and how to use them!



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Great episode!

I was surprised with the extreme function of flaps! I couldn´t believe the figures when I saw them actally because you can´t really tell from before.

But most importantly!!: I wanna see Josh Scott puttin flaps on the Scimitar :D:D:D:D:D
Good show. Now, how does one set up the DX8 to have two notches of flaps?

Dawned on me, he did say DX8, guess a DX6 is out of luck.
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Cool episode! I have a P47D by thundertiger, perhaps in the future i will try something similar on it. First I'll have to give it a rudder though :p
Nice to see you are using EagleTree logger. I have them on my Skywalker and really like the logging features and watching it like this over Google map

Flaps is very useful and I wouldn't fly the Skywalker without them. They really slows speed down and stabilizes the plane as well.

Good show. Now, how does one set up the DX8 to have two notches of flaps?
You do it much the same way as the DX7 by using the menu for setting the flap position. I use the JR9503 and actually can control the servo speed, plus reassign to 1 of 2 analog settings to have unlimited positions. But with the switch, you can set the trims to exactly where you want them.


Don't know about the Eagle Tree data logger, but I bought an Eagle Tree stand alone altimeter for my son's science project last week. It works great! I'll be peicing together the logger, airspeed indicater, etc. over the next few months. Seems like they are quality products!


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1st -- Loved the episode, as always!

2nd -- No mention of Flaperons? Given that a lot of planes out there don't have cut in flaps, flaperons are more common.

Keep up the good work!!



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LOL You guys are awesome! You troll Horizon with Turnigy stuff!

I am sure that it wasn't an intentional slip. It's up there with those mistakes made in movies, where the guy is drinking from a half glass of water, then they show a full glass a moment later.