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Hot to secure the battery in a Bixler (and others).

"HOW" instead of HOT.
Damn - I wish I could edit the subject line... anyhow...

Sorry for the video quality... sun was starting to set and I wanted to get a few flights in before it was too late so I passed on the tripod and lighting and just grabbed the iPhone.

So here's the thing - I've got a few pet peeves in the RC world - one is the landing gear from EFlight (all generic that require modification including notching in metal). The other is planes that don't have a good spot to secure batteries.

Well I have a McGyver solution for you.
Use and old horn.

Here's the video.

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just use velcro, works with me.
Problem is that some of my models do indeed have nice tight battery compartments. My B25 for example or my Habu. The space is SOOO tight that just that added velcro will stop the hatch from closing. If you don't have to modify the battery by adding velcro, it becomes more "interchangeable".


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For my foam planes where the compartment is tight and won't fit one of my 'system' (ie 2200 3s, 1300 3s, 350 2s), I melt out a few extra mm and add velcro if necessary.