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hotwax Plan Index

Back at the drawing Board

Hi all,

I made Version 2 plans for the FB Middlestick and the FB Brittlestick:

- bigger tabs at the battery hatch
- cleaning out the inner fuselage panels
- two new versions of wingtips, one open ended, one solid
- Barbeque skewers between rudder and elevator
- some small corrections

You can download from Hotwax Google Drive

More to come
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Hi everybody,

made some redesign of the first page and more exciting, put the FB Terry drawing on my Google Drive for free download.


Feel free to comment.

P.S. Did I say that there are rumors, that Phill Kraft once designed this plane exclusivly for Graupner?
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Hotwax, great to see you back posting. What is the wingspan on the FB Terry? Any thought to making plans for your Eindecker? Ideally something that could fit a shorter FT style pod? Always lived the looks of that one!


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Hi everybody,

I just uploaded the FB Eindecker plans.

View attachment 93144

tiled for A4 paper View attachment 93145 full size for A1 paper View attachment 93146

I made some small changes from the original model. A detachable wing and the option for a simple landig gear.
Please report any errors.

And now the question, what shall I draw next?
Question - what was the weight of your motor up front. Looks like this one needs a lot of nose weight to acheive the CG. I was hoping to use a shorter FT style pod but will decide based on what motor and battery you were using?
The prototype used a Donkey 3007 with big propellerhub at 82 gr. A standard 2826 with light hub would be 62 gr.

It's more important to put the battery vertically just behind the firewall on one side and the ESC on the other side.

I made my version out of the heavier Airplac Premier Satin, which is about one 3rd heavier than Flitetest Foam. If you use Flitetest Foam, your plane will not get tailheavy by itself. If you are still not shure, you can peel of the paper off from the inside of the rear fuselage.

FB Kite next, okay, but this a very demanding build and not such an easy flyer.

I hope you can handle it.