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How about a "Hello" thread?

Since the forum is new, it would be nice to have a thread for members to post a bit about themselves and their interests.

I'd like to express my appreciation to the people who make Flite Test. I just happened to see an episode of the show about a month ago and then went back and watched all the episodes from the beginning. That was a lot of fun. Flite test rekindled my interest in RC after about a 15 year hiatus, and I recently ordered a bunch of equipment and materials to build a variety of park fliers. Also ordered was everything needed to build one of David Windestal's neat little mini quadcopters. I'm looking forward to getting back into the hobby, and thanks again guys for your infectious enthusiasm.
Doh! :eek:

Thanks colorex.

I looked in the "Look here first" , "Flight deck" , and "Off the field" sections and didn't see one. Should have kept looking!


not crazy, just stupid
Hello everyone!
I wanted to suggest the same thing, its not sure that everyone who joins this forum goes into the flight school section.


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Everyone can ride in on the link Colorex provided. We really don't need repeat threads when the one will suffice. It'll just take some getting used to and redirecting once in a while.