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How about DLG gliders?

I found a video online of David demonstrating his DLG glider, but it was not in english: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svRIi_cgtJE (don't want to embarrass myself by getting the language wrong). It would make a fun challenge episode to have a small dlg contest between josh and david (or any other pilots). I'm just starting to get into DLG flying and its a blast!



More combat please...
Aggghhh- and I thought you got bit by the COMBAT bug.
I hope you have fun with DLG.
But remember, the sWARm is still king. We expect you to show up for the fun again this spring.
I'm not happy unless I have like 1000 different things going on. You better believe I'll be at the combat event in April. I need to get me my reaper so I can do some serious damage this time.