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How about merging RC cars with aircraft? Flying car?

Maybe you guys can take on a challenge to build a flying rc car or truck (attaching wings to off the shelf rc vehicles). Also, maybe you can even use a fast truck like a brushless revo to launch a glider.

This is some thing I haven't seen before.


creator of virtual planes
How about a fan boat type vehicle? Some how "turn off" the wings with flaps or air brakes and cruise around on top of snow like a fan boat, then activate the wings and take off. (Or pop out wings?)

But I like your idea. Except make it a gas powered RC car and be able to switch the transmission from powering the wheels to direct drive a prop.

I also really like your idea of using an RC truck to tow up a glider. Like how Bixler used an ATV to tow glide up Davids glider in the Tow Glide episode. Except RC.