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How did David wire his ESCs?


Elemental Madness
So I noticed that in the tutorial for the tricopter V2.6hv that when David "fixes" the ESCs the servo lead that is used to control them disappears and you don't see it. Where did it go? It looks like the wiring really got cleaned up!



Rotor Riot!

That's the red signal wire going through there. I guess the black ground wire is common with the battery ground wire? And the servo lead seen here is signal wire for all three motors?


Now on this pic you see something going in between the plates from the receiver. I guess this is a BEC which powers the whole thing.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Remember that the KK2 is different in that has two separate power rails. You must have power to the first set of pins to run the board and one of the other sets of pins to run the servo.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Correct, on the KK2 the first motor output is where power for the board is supplied.

It is isolated from the rest of the motor / servo outputs.

No issue if all you are doing is supply a control signal to esc but if you need to power a servo then an additional power source is required.

I just use the esc for motor 1 to power the board and the esc for motor 2 to power the servo for the yaw assembly.

This was done because the KK2 is extremely sensitive to voltage dips at the ATMEL processor, therefore it was isolated from the rest of the power system with the exception of the receiver.

Same rule applies to additional power sources on the "servo" power rail side as other boards. Linear ESC supplies can be left hooked up parallel but not switching ESC's.

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