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How do i setup my transmitter for a X Quadcopter?

I heard the orange transmitter setup is the same as a DX transmitter. I already have my receiver, KK2, and ESC working with my X configuration quadcopter.
I need help with what settings to use for my orange transmitter
i am using ACRO and need help with
mix 1
mix 2

I am using ALE ----- YAW
Pgain ------ 30 --- 50
Plimit ------ 75 --- 20
Igain ----- 0 ---- 0
Ilimit ----- 20 --- 20

what numbers should i be using?

my quadcopter consists of
orange transmitter
kk2 flight controller
Qbrain 4x1 ESC
orange 6ch reciver

Thank you for helping a Newb out
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