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How do I use swappable build plans.


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I'm lost on this do I cut out the plans and trace it to foam. Do I just tape the plans to the foam and.cut threw both paper and foam at once. I am totally confused on this. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Either way. Whatever method to make the foam come out the same shape as the template. I cut the template out, trace it to the foam and save the template.


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I do the same as above. If the plane has a lot of straight lines you can mark the beginning and end of each line and then use a ruler to finish the line. Once you have traced out the plans you can cut it out. Dont try to go through in one cut. Make multiple cuts. It will make for a cleaner cut.


Lay out your all template pages and tape them together on a flat surface. Dont tape them page for page onto the foam board unless your careful not to tape inside the planes lines. Otherwise when removing the template the tape can tear the surface of the paper on the foam, ask me how I know. I find it easier trimming the assembled template around the outside lines of the plane parts leaving about an inch, then taping them to the foam by the edges and proceed with cutting through paper and foam. I've tried cutting the template parts on the lines and tracing it onto the foam and found out Im not very good at it. I've only built two planes so far so this is coming from a rookie builder. Good luck and take your time no matter which way you choose.



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I have been putting the plans together like the member above me for the most part. I did have one set printed in full scale at OfficeMax to see if that made it any easier. The cost was about $4 a sheet in black and white. It just didn't make it that much easier for me.

Once I have the plans correctly taped up I use a glue stick and put the glue on the back of the plans where the parts are not on the front. You can see right through the paper with the lines as heavy as the ones on these plans its no trouble at all. I stick that over the board as I need it, the glue will slide a little if you need it to, and put a straight edge on the lines and cut through the paper and board. A good straight edge makes everything better. Line up on the list in question, but a little before and after is along the edge and move on. the metal edges with cork board bottoms are best. About $7 for the 12 inch one I have and $25 for the yard stick version. Both are well worth the money

If a piece needs a score cut or something cut out of the center of it I cut that first. Then I cut the larger part of the piece out. Trust me, it just makes life easier.