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How Do You Retire Your Planes?


I build things that fly (sometimes)
When did this crash and do you have any photos or video?
Yeah, We caught it on video at FF 2016. Basically she came out way too heavy. Partially because of using much heavier wood than it really required, partially because I decided to go with an 8 aileron setup, each with its own servo, and then decided to do a complicated semi-sheeting technique on the wings to simulate ribs on a solid foam core wing.

She did fly a few times, although not particularly well. I was able to get her up and down though, even at the high wing loading. UNTIL a poorly thought out battery hatch in the nose of the aircraft fell off during a landing approach. To get the battery as far forward in the fuse I had a hatch in the chin of the aircraft. When this blew off the fuse lost all aerodynamics. She stalled almost immediately at a low altitude and went into the field. Damaged beyond repair.

I do still have the plug to make another fuse. One day down the line I want to revisit this project, but for now I'm all B-17 all the time until it is done.