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How fast they grow!


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I just posted a video of my son and I flying our latest monstrosity, a 160 inch multiplane. When I was reviewing the vid I also played a video we uploaded just over two years ago - a similar endeavor with two planes, 80 inches.

The striking thing to me is how much he has grown, not just in size and depth of voice, but in his maturity and common sense (I wanted to launch the 160 inch into the more open part of the field, while he suggested we launch into the wind).

I am so grateful for what FliteTest and this community have given us, this unique opportunity to hang together and play and make memories that I will treasure.

See the difference for yourself:



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So true! I remember when my son was first born. Was travelling 4 days a week for work. Would come home and see how much he had grown and it would tear me up. Took a local job for much less pay an no travel. Haven't regretted it one bit.