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how good are the 6s 2207 radial motors in comparison to the Hypetrain vanovers or the ethix stouts.

I am looking to build my first quad. I have $350 to spend on the solder and on the parts.
i am thinking of the bangod frame, rush ultimte mini, mamba F405 mk2 stack, caddex ratel, https://rotorriot.com/collections/b...eries-22-2v-6s-1300mah-100c-lipo-battery-xt60, (fav battery for my arrow with a upgraded esc and vanover, hasn't burned out yet!) and i already own an antenna and a receiver. def going to buy the ts100. i am relatively new to quads i have a hx115 betafpv and the emax pro 6s. which motors should i get of the three? no one in my research has compared them.


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Yeah that banggod frame has me drooling too mate. I know nothing of that stack nor the caddix cameras. I have been an EMAX motor person since I built my first race quad. Im not a fan of the hype trains with the open bottom motors. I crash a lot trying new things and the one set of motors I did have that were open bottom were more of a pain they are worth in weight savings on a free style quad. Every crash you had to open them up to wash the dirt out of the windings.

One of the motors I am now considering and maybe you as well as you are already ordering from Catalyst Machine works is the new Gabby motors I am look at those as replacements for the ones on my Dal build since I smoked two motors and a 4 in one esc being lazy and not doing maintenance. I let screws get loose and fried the motors.

As far as camera I love the runcam microswift2's. Best light management I have tried. Granted there are far newer cameras but why change perfection if you dont need to.

Here is Taz, KISS v1 fc, Speedix 45a escs, emax 2306 2400kv motors on 5x4x3 Dal Cyclones. Oh and 5s CHNL 100c 1300mah batteries

And here was the Dal build with a Dal F722fc, Dal 45a rocket esc 4 in 1, emax 2306 2550 kv motors before I smoked them with loose and missing motor screws also on 5x4x3 Dal Cyclones. CNHL 5s 100c 1300 mah batteries.



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Get me some vid of those batteries rippin up the sky. I want to see how well they perform at the end of the pack for sag. 25 g lighter makes me think they may not be as good as the white CNHL 100c packs I use.


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I have the mamba 20x20 stack and mine has not been that impressive. It’s produced a lot of motor noise from the ESC and the pads are very small. I prefer a Spedix 30x30 esc with Bec and an F7 FC. I like Matek FC’s but go for a set up you can fit in the frame and which has documentation you can understand.
Motors wise I wouldn’t spend that much if you are just starting out, you will smash them up and it’s cheaper to get less expensive motors and replace them. Xing and Tmotor do a budget line and Racerstar are perfectly acceptable for learning on, you won’t feel the difference except in your wallet.
I have several Caddx Ratel cameras, they have all worked very well out the box and have good settings control. I have not had any of the quality problems some people have with Caddx.
I bought cheaper frames too, both clones and the TBS Source One, I haven’t broken an arm on any of them but the Source One has been excellent value and arms are available for it.
I fly in a very low risk environment. One step away from a bouncy house. Just a farm with long grass and a cedar forest that I know better than the back of my hand. Cedar trees are the best. When you hit them you just bounce right off unharmed or get stuck near the inside of the tree where it is easy to get to. That it why I think it’s ok to get better more expensive motors. Been flying for 2 months and haven’t broken anything yet with tons of crashes.