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How good is HobbyKings new GoPro Gimbal?


Rotor Riot!
HobbyKing released a new GoPro gimbal some time ago:


[h=1]Multi-Rotor Roll/Tilt GoPro Hero 2 Camera Mount[/h]

Has anyone tried that gimbal? In my opinion it looks well-built, sturdy, and nonsloppy. I could definitely use a gimbal like this one, especially at that price!

The comments mention plastic bearings, which would be easy to replace with metal ones.

I would mount it on a frame like this one:

Locust Four-axis Quadcopter Frame Kit with 2-axis Dual-use Gopro PTZ $69.92 Free Shipping @GoodLuckBuy.com

There is, of course, the remote possibility that I actually buy this gear someday :black_eyed:
I have not seen one but just offhand 85g seems way outta wack. HK is notorious for their misprints, I would personally be very surprised if it was that heavy.