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How to assemble the wing? (Last build question)

Hello, i need help assembling the wing, i took lots of pictures and ill explane the picture (words above each pic). i took lots so hopefully you understand.

*Here is all the pieces we have left from the build, all im assuming go to the wing*

*Here is the servo mount i have found this out*

*The long obtuse angle piece of wood in the first picture goes in the wing perfectly, giving it this dihedral*

Here is the servo mount issue, the wing has an airfoil so the first piece of wood (on the top side) of the mount (the "legs" of the table) fits in nicely, but the second "leg" (the bottom one) doesnt fit in the wing, they are both the same size and it wont work with just one. My only option that i see is to cut one down.

Here is the bottom of the set of plastic pieces that cover the seam in the wing where they both connect, im not sure how the wing is supposed to connect to the plane unless the top one of these secures to the plane somehow? there is no form of rubber band securing at all

Thanks so much! hopefully after this i can fly it!


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Did you watch the
It shows the srews holding the wing at the back of the plane. It seems obvious how to push the wing in the slot in the front.
Thanks so much, that little advice lead me to some of my engineering skills and some brainstorming i got it all figured out, now i just have to finish glueing them together and im done,
With my money issue i wont be able to fly until at least the start of summer, man its gunna suck letting that thing collect dust and staring at it.