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Solved How to bind Blade Inductrix FPV BL to a Spektrum IX12 transmitter

I recently purchased a new Blade Inductrix FPV BL and a Spektrum IX12 transmitter and I'm having trouble binding the quad and the transmitter. I'll take any advice I can get. (I'm also new to the hobby and don't know very much, so I'm way out of my depth) Can someone walk me through what to do in the most basic way possible?

mach1 rc

Elite member
I don't know if this would be the same thing but I had a fpv+ and a dxe. How I bound it was I turned the drone on and then after the drone started blinking I held down the bind button while turning it on the controls. If your controls have a screen it should say bind successful or something like that. The drone lights should stop blinking so rapidly and that means its bound. One other thing I don't know if your control have this but mine had a motor disarm switch and I had to flip that to the "arm" position. Hope this helps 😁