How To Build Whitehead No. 21 Monoplane


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The hardest parts of the build will be the shape of the body, it looks like a boat with pointed ends, next is the wing shapes and tail shape and attachments. To make it fly will be a challenge, be at least a four channel or better system. Now, it will be a very nose heavy vehicle and the props are a very weird design if you follow everything to the letter.

I followed this video

I also followed this blue print

Also this descriptive information About The Plane

You will want to place the electronics by making flaps on wings and the tail is flat, then the back of the plane if you cut a spot, you can make a rudder to help steer it. now to place the battery or batteries, you will have to make the body large enough to place it, because it is all open, four steering wheels that had their own part in flying the plane. There is wire going from the two wings and tail, then up to the mast, I used fishing line, on the Mast, I would use barbecue wood skewers, the props swoop down into the body:


This here is a tail box:

tail box.jpg

The wings were made of a canvas material and had on it bamboo fishing poles to give it structure and strength. Every page, blue print, video I have given, shows how to build this very straightforward. So I hope you have success in building, but also getting this old plane back up into the air.