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How to calculate thrust for 5kg RC plane

I'm trying to find the right motor that could carry/fly 5kg of RC Plane. What I've looked into so far has all given me the 1000kV for 900gram plane. Can we use that?


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No. You will need at least 1:1 thrust to weight ratio unless it’s got a very large wing.
Sonething that big is going to need a monster sized motor, with a large prop. Example here- FT monster radial.
Why is it so heavy?
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Here are some guidelines that may help. It’s the total flying weight of the plane that you need, including motor and battery.

•50 to 70 watts per pound is the minimum level of power, good for park flyers and lightly loaded slow flyers.
•70 to 90 watts per pound is perfect for trainers and slow-flying aircraft.
•90 to 110 watts per pound is good for fast-flying scale models and some sport aerobatic aircraft.
•110 to 130 watts per pound is what you want for advanced aerobatics and high-speed aircraft.
•130 to 150 watts per pound is needed for lightly loaded 3D models and ducted fans.
•150 to 210+ watts per pound gives unlimited performance for any 3D model.