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How to fly without props || FPV freestyle

I received a lot of questions about propwash after my last how to tune your quad video. So I decided to make a video on this subject! Hope it can help some of you!



Wake up! Time to fly!
hehe that title for the tread is an attention getter. I really expected to see you bringing the quad in after smacking a tree with two good props or something.

Good explanation video of how to work around a common problem. Just knowing WHEN propwash is likely to happen and thinking about what you are doing in those situations is plenty to cure 90%. I just got my new build tuned. No filter changes no special adjustments. Just a good tune and the knowledge I have gained over two years of flying to stay out of my own dirty air. My last two videos were smooth enough it scared me. I never get video with out some wobbles at some point.


Wake up! Time to fly!
From the title... "How to fly without props" and not "How to fly without Propwash" that leaves a LOT to be interpreted. I went from knowing your style of flight to think maybe you damaged several props but still managed to save the flight. From fixed wing perspective most think that not using props means edf's or turbines in the case of the big fueled models. Its easy to assume a lot from the title.

It does however get attention and I think its the let down of not seeing some spectacular flying without props on a quad that lead to the comments I am sure you may get.